Season 3 Episode 4 - B. Chloe Cleaves has a seat at the table!

Chloe Cleaves joined Sabeina Harris on A Seat at The Table Podcast!

Today on A Seat at The Table Podcast with Sabeina Harris we have B. Chloe Cleaves.  Chloe, a visual brand director from Atlanta, GA and honestly, her journey to where she is today was completely unpredictable.  In college, she was always fascinated with fashion and unique style but didn't pursue anything in the field.  She was unsure of where she would go in life but society said you needed a degree.  

Chloe chose Marketing for a since of security with a minor in Information Systems to satisfy her nerdy side and then started in Corporate America immediately after, as most do right out of college. It pretty much only took a year and a half to realize that it wasn't for her.  She had a great job, great benefits, and the company paid half her bills but she was still unfulfilled.  Chloe has always had a passion driven so no matter how great things were going, she decided to take the risk and leave it all behind.

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