Season 3 Episode 5 - Dr. Sidjae Price has a seat at the table!

Dr. Sidjae Price joined Sabeina Harris on A Seat at The Table Podcast!

Today on A Seat at The Table Podcast with Sabeina Harris we have Dr. Sidjae Price. Dr. Sidjae Price, is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She helps modern entrepreneurs go from chaos to clarity by creating easy to follow actionable steps to clean up the “behind the scenes” messes of business and life, resulting in a thriving business and giving them back family and personal time. Individuals and organizations have been awed by her ability to deliver academic and professional knowledge with a millennial spin, Dr. Price leaves her audience with actionable steps ready for implementation, through what she calls her Priceless Plan. She is the CEO of Priceless Planning, a business operations consulting agency, and Founder of Speak Loud Inc., a youth-based nonprofit organization.Dr. Price is a qualitative researcher who is passionate about organizational conflict. Her research has explored the management of organizational conflict regarding leadership and change management for generation X and millennials entrepreneurs. Being the first to establish insights for organizational stakeholders. As passion projects, she creates book projects, help others get published and is also the co-author of 20 Beautiful Women, and the publisher of Faith Forward: Intimate Stories of Faith To Propel You Forward, both Amazon Best Sellers, and an academic textbook on the Qualitative Research branch of Ethnography. Dr. Sidjae Price has been featured on platforms such as Huffington Post, University of Miami, Women Empower Expo and 103.5 The Beat Miami’s home for The Breakfast Club. Additionally she has collaborated with brands such as Rollingout Magazine, and negotiated deals with members of MTV network. As a proud an alumnus of Jamaican preparatory and high schools, Dr.Price is ready to serve the country that raised her through the creation of Rise + Shine Jamaica Expo.

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