#Smallbusinessthursday Featuring Chanelle Yarber

Small Business Thursday's is all about bringing the dopest small business owners to center stage. Check out this week's featured business owner.

Meet Chanelle Yarber

Where are you from?

McKinney, Texas

What is the name of your company?

BrightGirl Media, Inc.

What is Bright Girl Media, Inc?

BrightGirl Media is a digital media company that specializes in social media, website design, and video marketing. We have been in business for over 7 years serving mainly small businesses, although we also serve large corporations. My passion is black women entrepreneurs, so I always try to make sure I am speaking to and serving that audience. I do that through quarterly brunches and events, a vibrant Facebook group, and an annual virtual summit.

What was your biggest win in business?

My biggest wins in business were producing commercial videos for Samsung, NEC Casio, Gillette, and Jet/ Ebony. Also hosting my first BrightGirls in Business Summit. I was able to tap into my first love (video production) and bring quality information to women entrepreneurs in multiple states and a few countries.

What was your biggest challenge in business?

Gaining quality clients who are committed to invest in themselves and their marketing long term.

What is your favorite business tool?

Dubsado is quickly becoming my fave

How can people find you?

@brightgirlmedia - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


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